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Do you struggle to create the right mindset that will allow you to win in every area of life?

Do you find your marriage and family relationships lacking the peace and harmony you desire?

Do you feel that your life choices are impacted by the flow of your money?


What people say about me

Curt Tucker has drawn up an incredible playbook for you to live God's purpose for your life. He will not only motivate you but inspire you to live out your personal mission to be the champion God created you to be. 

- Andy Warren , Lead Pastor Victory Church

If you're in the business of helping people - impacting lives, I say,  give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose. You have everything to gain. Getting people on the seats, and telling your stories and going into the process helping people - that's really why we're in business. It's extremely exciting to see the progress we've made in such a short time with you guys.

- Steven Lam,  Anytime Fitness

I'll never forget our first interaction. You used the word energy and it could not be used on a  better term.  It was like our two energies are pulled together and it was just so gratifying.

- Josh Link,  Visionary Meals

He encouraged me to read my first book. He encouraged me to run a marathon which proved to me I can do anything I put my mind to.  Curt has been a coach of mine  for nearly 7 years now and helped me follow the 5F's principle. He has let me know when I wasn't with GRACE and LOVE. 

- Dustin Bower,  Founder of Reputable Roofing  and  Remodeling

Curt's style is so refreshing - he's authentic, sincere, and incredibly wise. If more people could share truth with vulnerability and courage like this, the world would be a better place.

- Brown Boots

The coach ability that you guys have is as far as different opportunities. We have different challenge sales. We have the year of change. So once the person is in here, there's just so much to offer them that no one is leaving without having committed to something.

- Tyler Smith, Anytime Fitness

Curt's wisdom have helped me grow in so many areas of my life and he will help you as well. Just take and apply these teachings and you will see transformation happen one day at a time.

-  TJ Smith, Co Founder Gym Growth Experts

Using an athletic vernacular "No Strategy, No Victory" Curt shows you how to turn life's defeats into victories!

- Nate Carr, 3X  National Champion  & Olympian Bronze Medalist

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